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TAX Free Bonds

 WHAT ARE TAX-FREE BONDS? As the name suggests Tax Free Bonds are those bonds that help you get taxation benefits. Nowadays tax free bonds are quite popular as they give an option to the general public to get taxation benefits. Government-backed entities issue tax-free bonds also the interest rate earned …

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It is a kind of contract between Insurance Company and you in which you either make lump sum payment or regular payments in order to receive regular income that would begin either on the immediate basis or after a certain time period. • The prime objective of annuity is to …

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There are so many Post Office Saving Schemes products that are available in the market which promote people to do more savings. As these products not only provide the security of the principal but also provide returns on the principal saved. The government has also taken steps to promote the …

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As the name suggests Sukanya Samridhi Scheme is a kind of scheme specially launched for Girl child’s higher education or marriage.This scheme was launched in 2015 by NarendraModiPrime Minister of India under BetiBachaoBetiPadhaoCampaign. WHA IS THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR INVESTING IN SUKANYA SAMRIDHI SCHEME? This scheme is available only for …

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Before understanding Capital Gain Bonds one must have a clear understanding on Capital Gain. Capital Gains are of two types long-term capital gain and short term capital gain. For a short term, capital gain any property which will be sold before 3 years from the date when it was bought …

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