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It is a kind of trust which gathers money from people having similar financial goals. They further invest the collected money in the asset classes. Investment is done with the help of professional expertise whose job is to maximise your returns with complete transparency. For consumer protection, the complete process …

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For a common person new to Mutual fund industry NFO is something unknown. New fund offers (NFO) are the new schemes launched by the Asset management companies (AMC) for general public to invest before its daily transactions are started. These offerings are made so that the fund houses can buy …

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DEBT MUTUAL FUNDS Debt Mutual funds are those kinds of funds that earn you a steady rate of return. And also, reduces the risk as the rate of return is very less likely to fluctuate. Example: Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bills etc. But, people being unaware still think that …

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What Are Hybrid Funds?

Hybrid Funds are those type of mutual funds in which investment is done in equity funds, debt funds and bonds. In these funds, the investment portfolio is created by having a mix of stocks and debt funds, where the proportion of each asset class changes according to market scenario. These are …

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Each one of us dreams for something to be achieved and achieving those dreams is easy with the help of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). In SIP a fixed amount is invested (chosen by the investor) on regular basis in mutual fund scheme chosen by the investor.   ADVANTAGES OF SYSTEMATIC …

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